Surgical Orthodontics

Another treatment option is surgical orthodontics.  This treatment is only reserved for those who have abnormalities in their jaw which can only be corrected through the use of surgery and when functional appliances are unable to correct severe cases of malocclusion or bad bite.  Those who perform surgical orthodontics are oral maxillofacial surgeons and they work hand in hand with orthodontists in order to provide the patient with the most beautiful smile and facial symmetry.

When and How is Surgery Performed?
Although your teeth may be perfectly aligned, your upper and lower jaw may be too far apart which hinders you from being able to have a proper bite.  Surgical orthodontics can only be performed once the teeth are properly aligned.  Before surgery is scheduled, you will have to undergo various orthodontic treatments to align the teeth so that after surgery is performed the jaw and teeth are perfectly aligned.  Any type of orthodontic appliances that are used on the teeth prior to surgery will be used during the surgery to ensure the stability of the teeth.  Once you have recovered from surgery, you will have to go back to the orthodontist to ensure that your smile and facial symmetry are complete.

The Risks and Benefits of Surgical Orthodontics
Surgical orthodontics is a routine procedure that is performed in both hospitals and offices.  There are risks involved as in any other type of surgery and the oral surgeon will be able to prepare you for what will happen in the surgery and any risks involved.  For many surgical candidates, the obvious benefits outweigh these risks as you will dramatically improve your facial structure and your overall dental health.

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